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Timing – Departure date and estimated duration

The departure date is February 2013. We estimate to travel almost 2000 km per month, for a cyclist are certainly not intractable, but for cyclotourist like us with 30-40 kg of luggage on the bike and the difficulties that will arise along the way, are definitely not a trivial amount of km.

We have budgeted approximately 100,000 km total, 20,000 km per year, so the margin of error given in the case about 5 years.

We called margin of error this imprecision on times and kilometers, but in reality, this unpredictability is the reason why we are driven to leave: the case, the adventure, the unexpected, the seasons, the people, the accident, the earthly paradises, the roads that the maps do not mark but you will want to follow or the streets marked on some maps which don’t exist actually.
This is the project, but we trust in luck so it can be very different from our plans.


Style – Travel Style

This kind of trip to be perfect requires a general coherence between moving by bike and living in different places. We are travelers always in contact with nature and with the local people.

During the trip we try to save up money by sleeping as much as possible in a tent protected even from a tree and we using our camping stove. Where hospitality is well seen we ask to the local people, maybe a floor under a roof or a warm shower after hours of cycling in the cold. Only in cities where there are no camping or open doors we stay in Hostels or Cheap Hotels.

Tent, sleeping bag, water bottle, camp stove, a few clothes, laundry soap and notebook are the main objects in the bikes bags, as well as a necessary and great adaptability.