MaGio Bike Tour – Il giro del mondo in bicicletta

The route is definitely from West to East, the departure from Ravenna, the route will be as much as possible on the ground, avoiding the need to take up other means of transport such as boats or airplanes. To the east as chasing the sun rise every day, pointing east and especially the Middle East immediately after our safe and comfortable Europe.

However, we are well aware that the beauty of the trip can be the unexpected, the route will be modifiable, rewritable, mutable depending on the weather, the physical needs and the new interests that gradually present themselves to our eyes during the crumble of km on km.

The goal is to cross all five continents to know a large number of states and so cultures. The hypothetical red line expresses the desire to follow the contours of the continents emerged.

This dreamed trip is our challenge,even sporting, between the lowland, the mountains and the sea.

From Ravenna to Eastern Europe going through Slovenia direct to Istanbul crossroads of the european and asiatic world. From Turkey to India through Iran and Pakistan, visas permitting. Then Nepal among the highest mountains in the world, the Indochinese peninsula, to Burma, Thailand, Malaysia and then Indonesian archipelago. We will arrive in Australian continent after about 24,000 km from Ravenna. About 8,000 km will be routes in Australia from Darwin, the central desert to the south and then east coast to the north. Flight to the the Indochinese peninsula to cycle on the roads Cambodian, Vietnamese and Chinese up to the capital Beijing. From China by ship to South Korea and then in all the Japanese archipelago, from South to North to Sapporo where we will fly to Anchorage, Alaska. We want to cross The American continent from north to south, from Alaska to Canada to the United States of America, following the west coast, the old Wild West! Along the historic “Carettera Panamericana” we will cross the central states of the continent where Mexico mastered in sizes, up to Panama where we will pass in Colombia. From there the Andes Mountains from Ecuador to Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina down to Tierra del Fuego, before rising north towards Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. From Brazil we will cross the Atlantic Ocean, at the nearest point of the African continent, maybe Senegal, for a further year of journey through the African vast lands, including tropical forests and great deserts, in a route definitely mutable in this African soil that alone worth the trip .. Will Energy and desire to cycle be there?